"18 Part 2" is the ninth episode of the Third Season  of Instant Star. It premiered on Canada on August 12, 2007, and in US on April 13, 2007.


After performing the song about her relationship with Tommy, Jude expects everything to be fine and for Tommy to make the announcement with her. They're together! But his reaction isn't as great as she hoped. He embarrasses her in front of cameras and runs off to Sadie. Meanwhile, Jude runs to someone else for comfort.



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Jude: (voiceover) The best presents are often secret gifts you give yourself, special things you've always wanted. So, for my 18th birthday, I went all out. I decided to tell the world how I feel about Tommy Quincy. Nothing says 'I love you' like un-wrapping your feelings to the world. And nothing says he doesn't like a huge dose of public humiliation.


  • "Blooming 18" is a song by Ace Of Base
  • In the States on The-N, this episode was aired on April 13, 2007.
  • Jude: Jamie. . . You had me at 'hello'.This is a reference to the 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire (starring Tom Cruise), when Jerry expresses his love in a long speech to Dorothy, and her reply is: "You had me at hello." .